• Business Premises & Offices

    Modern and representative business premises or offices are the perfect calling card for your company. No challenge is too big for ReyTec, partly as a result of our experience in greenhouse construction and utility buildings. All business premises or offices are built in line with today’s requirements where safety, energy management and sustainability are concerned. This results in unique added value. ReyTec constantly finds creative and inventive solutions for the fast realisation of business premises or offices for both agricultural and utility buildings with a flexible and specialised design, production and construction team, whereby the challenge is to apply state
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  • Glass houses & Living

    Both in the summer and winter, you can enjoy a unique ‘country house’ feeling in the style of your own house! ReyTec Innovation Projects develops luxury glass houses and conservatories as an extension to the living quarters. This means that you can already enjoy a very pleasant temperature even with a little bit of sunshine. As extra heating for the winter months, a wood-burning stove is often installed for fast and immediate heat. All our conservatories and glass houses are built with made-to-measure doors and a protective foundation. The masonry and the finishing compliment the design of the house completely.
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  • Greenhouse Projects

    Greenhouse Projects is the section of ReyTec which concentrates on the design and construction of traditional glass house projects up to approximately 1.5 hectares. Examples are small glass houses, company premises and the development of animal enclosures, such as at Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam. The latest glass house construction techniques are applied, often with unusual dimensions, designs and settings.
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  • Innovation Projects

    Innovation Projects is the section involved with architectonic projects for the most diverse applications. One example is the development of a unique school building, using glass house construction techniques, among other things, with the considerable added value of transparency. Other examples are office and restaurant projects, where openness, transparency and sustainability were ensured at a relatively low cost.
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  • Interior & Gables

    Clients, such as architects, are continually searching for possibilities of creating more light and transparency in the design of offices, schools and health centres. This is not surprising, because people who work and live in places which obtain plenty of daylight often feel better and less closed in. Industrial concepts are often the key words. In recent years, ReyTec Innovation Projects has converted many industrial glass house systems into luxury office units, made-to-measure each time and using safety glass. The systems are flexible, can be adjusted to suit contemporary trends and are easy to combine with traditional constructions. In addition,
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  • Roof renovation

    ReyTec Innovation Projects is the section specialized in, among other things, renovating and insulating roofs and glass house roofs, using a sophisticated system. Our panels often serve to replace glass covers or Eternit sheeting on shed roofs. Our panels are sandwich insulated,100% waterproof, and are also strong, so that they are very easy to clean from above. Since they have a long life span with a 10 year factory guarantee, future damage can be prevented. We have very satisfied clients, who know that their property is increasing in value. Eternit sheeting has a limited life span and in the course
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  • Solar Systems

    Green energy has the future, also at the horticultural level. Due to top-speed technological developments solar energy is one of the moving forces for green energy. Reytec, using its long greenhouse construction experience, has developed a system to sustainably generate solar energy easily and cost-efficiently, while properly tuned to horticulture at the same time. Our Reytec greenhouses – equipped with optimised greenhouse roof for generating solar energy – haven proved to be excellent carriers of solar panels time and again. The construction of our greenhouse is obviously tested against the strictest quality requirements and makes the basis for a high return on
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  • Special Projects

    Special Projects is the section where expertise concerning glass house construction is fully integrated with utility construction. A special project recently developed by ReyTec was the giraffe enclosure at Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam. The choice of materials and the sophisticated techniques used resulted in an optimum price-quality ratio. The creativity of the architect is always the starting point for developing creative and flexible solutions. For Reytec it applies that the sky really is the limit.
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  • Upgrading Buildings

    Upgrading Buildings is the section involved with the renovation and adjustment of production areas, company premises, company restaurants, showers, et cetera. At a relatively low cost and in an innovative and creative way, premises are transformed into modern and representative business units. An added advantage is that an area becomes immediately adjusted to meet contemporary requirements with regard to safety, energy management and sustainability.
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ReyTec Innovation Projects

ReyTec Innovation Projects is a specialized glass house construction company with deep roots in traditional glass house construction projects. However, in recent years, ReyTec has specialized in realizing complex projects in utility construction, where the challenge is to apply state-of-the-art glass house construction techniques. With a passion for innovations, ReyTec is continually finding creative solutions for both glass house construction and utility construction. ReyTec Innovation Projects is a flexible and committed specialist with all the disciplines available in order to realize high quality projects fast.

We hope that after viewing our website you will be interested in getting to know more about ReyTec Innovation Projects. If you would like more information about the possibilities, you can contact us by completing your details on the contact page. We will be happy to visit you to discuss the advantages of working together with ReyTec, free of obligation.

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